Question. What does a guy who has the 'ultimate retro-gaming shed' want, Answer. An 'ultimate retro-gaming camper-van/motor home'. I swapped my dear orange ute for a 'green pop top' Lite Ace van. The van was filthy 'mice had been in the kitchen', I discovered that mice like eating Cheds Biscuits buy really love eating noodles, mice like to poo where they eat. All signs of mice have now been eradicated the van has been decontaminated. I want to do most of the work on the Van my self including the paint job. The paint scheme will be a low gloss black. Painting mistakes are hidden in 'low gloss Black paint' and I guess I will make a few. Over the black I want to paint some white Space Invaders. check out the before and after pictures of the interior. I want to be able to play games inside the van and am thinking of buying a laptop and setting it up chock full of emulators.

I have bought a Wii console and set it up in the museum. The Wii is the first console I am really excited about for years (I really hope it wins the current console war). I think some prices for cartridge games will depreciate due to the Wii Virtual Console. I have sold a few Mario Kart 64(cartridges) on ebay in the past it usually sells for about $25(AU) and the buyers are usually mothers with a few feedback's that want games for there young kids. Young mothers will soon be able to simply download the Mario Cart 64 game for the virtual console for $10, hence the original cartridge will depreciate. Mad gamers who need the rare title like 'Sin and Punishment' will not fork out $100 for a cartridge if they can Legally and conveniently download it for $10. An example of depreciation is Final Fight for Mega CD, it was the best home version of the game by a 'yard stick' but when a version of the game was released for Capcom Classics for PS2 the price for the Mega CD version went down.


03/03/07 There has been little interest in the museum during weeknights but weekends have been good. To complete the museum I learned a lot of things: building (I can hammer a nail a little straighter now), writing html, writing (still needs lots of work!), learning to trust or NOT trust people around me. The project will not make mountains of money I did not do it for the dollar, most of the people that have a look around just say WOW, others want to know how many dollars I pumped in to the project. I would have 'crashed and burned' if I had continued with my job working in kitchens that I did for five years after leaving school, I hated my job and thought I could wash away the hate with beer. So I took the easy way out and started working for my family, but so as I could do something that would still test me I worked on this museum and a 1930's train restoration also. So maybe I got a free ride working with my family maybe I did not. I promise not to ramble again in this log page but also promise to keep updating it.

Where did I get all of my stuff? I hoarded 'game and watches' and computers even as a young kid. I was very late to use the internet when the 'Amiga 500' became obsolete I stopped using computers. So when I finally got around to 'surfing the web' I was bedazzled to discover that other people collect and love old games and computers and that's when I thought about creating the museum. I did the local 'garage sales' for a few years and I was the only one chasing 'old retro gear'. The Auctions were also a place where I got plenty of gear but because I was late to use the internet I let items go that I should not have, I once let an ALTAIR go at an auction for $30 (I try not to let this make me bitter and twisted). When I sold my House in 2003 I bought six working arcade games from a local operator. Lately I have not been chasing 'retro computer gear' with the vigour of old, because my main priority has been finishing the museum but there is a picture below of some of the best gear I have 'picked up' this year. If you are hunting for any thing old DON'T GET INTO A RUSH I think I passed the CD-I hand held three times at a sale and dismissed it before something clicked in my head and I realised what it was. The Atari game in the photo I think is great, remember that ATARI AGE is a great resource for checking the rarity of cartridges but THEY DO NOT LIST THE EXTREMELY RARE ITEMS. Make your own mind up what you think is desirable, I think there are two major variables: is the item RARE and more importantly is it ICONIC.


4/1/07 Finally I am ready to open: click on the new 'MAP + INFO' link in the navigation bar to get the details.

16/12/06 I have to thank Robert Martin, John Van Delft, David Eastwood and my brother Bully. The museum will be opened before the end of next school holidays. The museum is situated in a semi-rural area but is one block from a major highway and 20 minutes from Ballarat population (50,000). I have added a page to this web site, it is a sample page of the 'history of computers' that will be displayed in the museum, you can access this page from the 'history' link in the navigation bar.


20/10/06 The council has passed the plans for parking the area has been marked and is ready for the earthworks. The storage area and toilet have been finished. I have been downloading episodes of the 'computer chronicles' and transferring them to dvd. A t.v display has been made to show the computer chronicles. The 'computer chronicles' series can be downloaded from the 'internet archive' site, it features 566 episodes. Here is a link to the 'computer chronicles' page


18/09/06 I have received the plans for the car park and submited them to the council. A couple of weeks ago I bought a couple of cabinets at an auction of a defunct caravan park. I paid about $450 for a 'sprint 2' the second player does not work properly but I think it can be fixed. The cabinet glass art work has 'indy' printed instead of 'sprint 2' the rest of the cabinet is identical to the American cabinet. The glass was made by 'Pilkington'(An Australian glass company). 'Sprint 2' might have been released in Australia under the name 'Indy'. A 'Turbo'(by 'Sega') sold for about $700. The auction prices were fairly high but I am happy with what I purchased. The second cabinet I bought is the worst/best cabinet I have ever seen. I thought only movies could be 'so bad that they are good' that was untill I saw this cabinet. The game in the cabinet is not working. The hand written name on the board appears to be 'dragon battle'. I can not find any information about a 'Dragon battle' video game on the net. I will post more information when it comes to hand if the 'dragon battle' game can not be fixed I will just use the cabinet for emulation (using a ps2 running 'taito legends' etc).


22/08/06 The router is now working. Work has begun on the back wall/toilet. Two display cabnets have been set up. One features Atari and 'Atari clone' consoles. The other 'mini micro computers' and some mixed intersting items including an I.B.M data pack. I don't have enough dispay cases yet to feature 'pong consoles' and 'first generation cartridge consoles'. I will work on getting the building and car park finished, before I start on the last two display cases.


29/07/06 I am attempting to set up a local ethernet network (not very successfully). If I manage to get it to work before crushing the router with my fist. Internet on two computers will be available to users of the computer museum. This is a photo of the internet area in the background is a picture of a squash game I purchased last week. The squash game is made by Aunger. I have updated the Aunger page on this site if you click on Aussie and then Aunger you can view the updates.

30/06/06 I have had word back from the shire and I can proceed with building the wall but have to submit another plan for the four car parks. Trevor from Golden City Amusements repaired some monitors for me. He also fixed the guns on the Lethal enforcers cabinet (thanks Trevor). Trevor also provided me with more information on LAI and so I have updated the LAI industries page. You can access the updated page by clicking on the AUSSIE link (from the index bar). I have posted a link to the Golden City Amusements web page on this sites links page, email Trevor if you need some work done on a machine.

The arcade conversion of Klax to the 'atari lynx' is fantastic. But having the action buttons and the controller positioned at either end of the lynx means that the game is very un-practical to control. So I had a Lynx modified to play Klax with a joystick. Phill did all of the electronics required to achieve this. Phill has really helped me out with the museum project and is a good guy. I attached the Lynx to a table . The other two 'game + watch' hand helds in the photo will be glued to chain and the chain will be anchored to the table.

10/06/05 The wide screen telly from my house has been sacrificed for the museum. I have put it in a cabinet for horizontal display the cabnet is close to completion. A lot of the namco museum compilations released for the ps1 allow for horizontal display here is a picture of it running the great game named "legend of valcyrie".

22/05/06 I have written pages on the different consoles featured in the museum they are displayed in picture frames and will not be available from the web page. The shire have not contacted me for a while can not proceed with a few things untill then. JIM droped into today and helped repair a lot of the arcade games so big thanks have to go to JIM..... I have been working on the project after work sometimes late I am going to install a pot belly stove to keep the shed warm my legs are nearly frozen to the chair as I write this.

28/04/06 There is still a load of jobs to go before opening here are some progress shots.


18/04/06 All pictures of items in the museum on this web site have been updated I have also added three more links from the main navigation bar. I have submitted rough plans to the shire they will assess them and let me know how many car parks the museum will require etc and then I will have to submit a more detailed plan. Here is a picture of the rough plan that was given to the shire.

01/03/06 I am lining the bottom half of the walls with recycled ripple iron each one of the power leads protruding out of the wall will have a double power switch. The ledge above the ripple iron will be used to display information about computers and gaming. I really don't know when the museum will be finished I still have to build car parks, toilet, storage area wall and I guess a pile of unforeseen jobs. Have got to stop wasting time on web site (that gets no traffic does anyone know how to hack into google?) and put some more tin up.

4/02/06 I have made three tables for running consoles they box the consoles in to preventing tampering but the joysticks feed out the bottom. Most of the consoles are running off commodore monitors. Commodore monitors are cool because they have av in plugs and there cool because they are commodore. I once purchased a commodore monitor from a garage sale it had been left out on a lawn all night during a frost it was only $2 and I took a punt, when I got home I let it defrost plugged it in and it worked like a treat. I have always said that one commodore 64 monitor is worth fifteen pc clone windozzze monitors.