12/10/05 I have started a mac display it has been fun sorting through boxes.

7/10/05 Now I have to sort it all

30/9/05 Have to wait until all of the cement turns grey and moisture has diffused from cement because the cement sealer I am using is turps based. I have been working on display cases and stands for museum and wanted to extend some purple paint so I mixed it with white unfortunately it is now pink not a very manly colour I will just tell people that it is not pink instead "light purple". The mixture quantity ended up at about 20 litre it cost me four dollars at a garage sale so I can also brag that it is "light purple $4 wonder paint". I have created a pong odyssey game display it looks really good if you do not stand to close.

7/9/05 The shed is almost at lock up stage, more fill has been been put down and been prepared for a cement pour friday. Denis a great plumber and also a man with a very good right hook(so I have heard) droped in today his son Daniel also a great plumber got to play the first game to ever grace the computer museum. It was just a 'Sega Saturn' runing 'Panzer Dragon II' sitting on some gravel but it's a start and I am sure Daniel felt very privileged.

4/9/05 Roller door has been fixed and three sides have tin attached

12/8/05 most perlons have been bolted to frame