The back of the video cover says "blue sky is a quirky adventure about making out, growing up and moving on." There is a great cameo for Galaga it pops up in a lot of scenes set in the cafe. The B cast is vast, It includes the daughter from the T.V show Rosanne and a fat guy. One scene features 3 groups of young couples all passionately kissing simultaneously I can not confirm that the couples decided to share partners A golden opportunity was missed in not setting this raunchy scene in the cafe along side the Galaga arcade game.

Emilio Estevez wrote starred and directed this piece and I heard whispers around Hollywood at the time of the movie's release that Emilio worked, ate and slept in and around landfill sights and rubbish skips for inspiration to use in the Wisdom script. The feeling of rubbish and stink is translated exquistely on many levels of the piece. Emilio as director writer and leading man also cast Demi Moore as his girl freind. He probably just wanted to get up close and personal with her, I don't blame him he even got to kiss her on the shoulder.

Emilio can't get a job so he decides to start raiding banks and exploding all of the bank's records of loans and setting the common people free from the grips of banks and their mortgages. He drags his unwilling girl freind Demi Moore along with him in his pesky antics. Things go awry and the story ends with tradgety. For most of the pair's madcap crazy traveling between banks their choice of automobile is a very small crappy European looking cream wagon. The young foolish lovers also can't get enough of an American take away franchise called Tofuti. As far as I can discern it sells DEEP FRIED TOFU! A brilliant idea. It really had Emilio licking his lips. There are a few cameos for computers in the various banks and an apple IIc.

©20th century fox

The movie is superbly acted and directed. There is a long sequence where no words are spoken and a story is told through suggestion by the director (BRIAN DEPALMA). He probably comprehend's the script easily where as I could not. It Might have something to do with a link between sex and violence or possibly a need for a person with sexual and or violent fantasies to act out these fantasies in the real world, God knows and BRIAN DEPALMA. The film has a good smattering of blood and cut throat razors. It also has a sleezy cop, a man who prefers the "Wham Bam Thank You Man" approach to screwing his wife, a cross dresser and a giant calculator. Also one of those ancient plastic walkman speakers that is shaped like a rounded cone. The wearer of the earphone has to stick it a long way into the ear so it also has the added benefit of cleaning the ear of wax. It's a great idea and I can not fathom why the idea has not been expanded. There are a couple of great shower scenes in which the lady never gets her hair wet! I rang BRIAN DEPALMA and he said a rare scalp disease that sweept through the set and affected most of the cast and crew of the movie prevented hair wetting. I can only hope that the disease was treated with an anti-biotic or a topical cream and that the cast and crew can get back to washing their hair. If not perhaps they convert to dread locks? I think Michael Cane would look great and it might increase his chances in landing a major role in the next Superman movie.

I am all for equality for the sexes and I think it is unfair that countless women get killed in the shower in movies and no men. I spoke to BRIAN DEPALMA about this but he told me that he only films naked women in the shower.

There is a computer cameo in the cop station but I can not identify the compouter. The movie was released in 1980 email me if you can identify.

Tom Selik is the leading man in this movie. I remember when Tom was big in Hollywood. Everything that has a beginning must have an end and Tom should take note of that and then smile when looking back at his days as a Hollywood big shot. In this movie he takes on the role of a frustrated author who lies to the police in order to free a young Romanian woman because he wants insperation for his book (and also because he is attracted to her) Crazy hijinks insue. Tom is attracted to the woman but at the same time scared that she is in fact a murderer. Watch out for the scene involving a six draw chest of draws........all the reveiws on this page involve sex it's not that I am a desperate infantile man. It's the movie's not me. In Her Alibi there is a particulaly arousing moment when the Romanian woman cuts Tom's hair in an erotic yet dangerous way. I spilt a boiling cup of Bonox all over myself when I realised what was being insinuated in this passage of the movie.

A Zenith lap top gets a great cameo alongside Tom in this movie. From what I can garner from old it was one of the first computers with a back lit L.C.D display and thats great. ©Warner Brothers