Rating-So bad it's good
Arcade has a 'if you die in the virtual game you die in the real world' type story line. Alex, a very strong-willed lady must enter the game and save all her teenage friends from the evil game. The game creates many obstacles for Alex, It also calls her bad names.

There is a small role for a fat guy in a scene set in a dingy arcade at the beginning of the tale. The fat guy is arguing with one of Alex's friends they are debating the quality of the Arcade and the games in it. The movie's script writer is inspired by the 'Divine comedy' by Dante and the following passage from the movie is poetry that would make Dante truly jealous.

Fat Guy: This shit hole

Alex's friend: Maybe if you weren't such a dick you would see how cool this place really is.

Fat Guy: Give me a break man they've got fuck'n Space Invaders. That shit's for retards.

Then they just push each other around a bit. Sadly the fat guy disappeared from the plot line. I was hoping he would die later in the movie because he is a real poonse.

I have spotted a 'Two Crude Doods' game in the movie and a fleeting glance at a 'Space Invaders' I can not see a Galaga but I can definitely hear a Galaga in the arcade background soundtrack.


STAR TREK 4 The Voyage Home
Before we start with the 'Star Trek 4' review, please remember the old Star Trek movie axiom Star trek movies of an odd number blow, movies of even number are the goodies. I also like to use a some what less substantiated measure for the original movies using the size of Scotties (everyone's favourite engineer) stomach the fatter the gut the better the movie.

Star Trek 4 slots in to the goodies pile of original movies and believe it or not has quite a few good smatterings of humour. An 'Apple Mac Plus' scores a fantastic cameo and Scottie gets to show off his two finger typing skills.


Good robot (Arnie) must protect cute little Edward Furlong from the bad robot who want's to kill cute little Edward Furlong. After a heap of shouting, pushing and shoving, slaps, man punches and crazy driving/riding Arnie triumphs. Tragically Arnie is forced to kill himself near the end of the piece. It's a horrendous scene, Arnie is lowered into the molten metal to his death. I openly wept while leaving the cinema and continued crying my eyes out into the street to my car. I wasn't the only one.

Tricky Eddie Furlong has a portable Atari Portfolio. He uses it to steal money out of an automatic bank teller. He invests his money wisely at the local arcade. He throws some cash in 'After Burner' and 'Missile Command' (Missile Command always ends with destruction of humanity by missiles it mirrors the movies plot line). Other games spotted in the arcade include Rampage, Narco Cop, Arch Rivals, Trog and Space Invaders.