Critics often praise the original 'Robocop' and then rubbish the two other movies, T.V series and small role in 'Indian in the Cupboard'. I think this is a very negative attitude. There is room for at least another 12 movies and I think the T.V series should have ran at least 30 seasons. I went through a period in my late teens when I thought I needed to reinvent my self as a bit of a rap dancer. I thought it would increase my chances of picking up at local night clubs but it only increased my chances at looking like a drip. A giant corporation uses every valve, relay and microchip on Robocop in an attempt to bend him to their will but Robocop always stays true to himself. That's why nowadays if I am feeling a little bit insecure and unsure of myself I just stop for a while and think what would Robocop do. I might even dress up as Robocop (from the waste down usually) and then I get my shit together and always make the right choice.

Here is a brief list of just some of Robocops positive attributes..
- He does not laugh at his own jokes
- He is tough
- I love the way he says "NO LOITERING"
- He doesn't get sunburn or tinear
- Most gunslinger lawman types wear their gun on their hip Robocop wears his gun inside his hip
- He doesn't need a pet dog or a budgerigar to feel good

Only 'Robocop II' has computer cameos. There is a beat'em'up shoot'em'up scene set in an arcade. The arcade is chock-full of games I have it on good authority that Robocop has the world record score on many arcade games including Chase H.Q,APB and Pacland. However, he is known for joystick smashing. He once bombed out playing a sit down Robotron in frustration he threw the whole arcade game against a friends load bearing wall. It resulted in complete demolition of his friend's house. Robocops friend got out of the house safely but unfortunately lost a leg.

Mathew Broderic computer hacker and expert 'Galaga' player accidentally sends the governments 'WOPR' (pronounced like the famous hamburger) computer off its trolley by playing an online game named 'Global Thermonuclear War'. Mat thinks it is just a game but when he finds out the 'WOPR' is playing for real its up him and his side kick girlie Ally Sheedy to stop Armageddon by outwitting the wacky WOPER and a heap of those dumbie government types.

I can see a 'Ms Pac-Man' and 'Jungle Hunt' in the arcade that Matty hangs out in as well as the 'Galaga' that he excels at there might be a 'Joust' in the background but I can't tell. Matt is using an IMSAI computer at home in his bedroom lucky guy.

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No reveiw check out Robert De Niro a long side Narco cop


Starring Fred Savage, Beau Bridges and Christian Slater. Unfortunately for Mat the transition from the small screen show, 'The Wonder Years' to the big screen has not been a prosporous one but you never know he might just be Hollywoods next big A actor. Matt nearly gives an uplifting precision performance as the brother of a down and out autistic Nintendo playing genius. The movie rambles along, Nintendo products are shamelessly dumped throughout the plot. One dump highlight is when Freds autistic younger bro battles his nemesis, the power-glove wielding Lucas at a game of 'Rad Racer'. At the end of the movie redemption for Fred's troubled family (mummy and daddy have been sleeping around) may have been found in a well thought out scene set in the bowels of a gigantic Fibreglass dinosaur I hope it works out ok for the family and for Fred.


When watching Freddy movies the original and 'nummber 3' are recommended. Freddy's Dead is not Freddy at his pizza-face best. However he does manage to trap one of his snoozing teenage victims in a N.E.S style platform game, He uses an 'Apple IIe' looking joystick and a metallic style power glove to smack around his victim. The words "now you're playing with power" and "you forgot the power glove" are delivered expertly from Freddy's dirty old gruffly man's gravelly tongue. This is quite funny but not very scary.

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