Leisure and Allied Industries (LAI) was founded in 1958. Malcolm Steinberg started the business in his grandfathers garage in Palmerston st, west Perth. In the beginning Malcolm owned 21 pin ball machines it took him 6 months to find a site for everyone of the 21 machines. The business grew steadily. In 1964 Malcolm's brother Gordon worked to expand LAI and a branch in Adelaide was founded. That same year an LAI branch in Melbourne sprung up. An Englishman named Roy Colbeck was inducted to manage the operation. Australian operator/managers were thin on the ground and Malcolm found the right person for the position overseas.

Throughout the 70's LAI bought out the majority of competitors operators. Cash Box Amusement Co (Melbourne) was bought out in 1971. Juke Boxes of Australia (Ballarat) was purchased in 1972. In 1975 LAI acquired Leisure Industries (Brisbane). LAI extended its influence overseas . LAI partnered with a Singapore group named Shaw Brothers during 1980. In 1976 LAI established a manufacturing building in Perth. Australian distribution and operation of arcade games was dominated by LAI. Later the TIMEZONE name was used in arcades associated with LAI.

Here is a picture of Malcolm.

And here are pictures of the manufacturing and corporate offices in perth (1980).

Some arcade cabinets manufactured in Australia were identical to their overseas counterparts. Some were different here is a picture of an Atari Basketball with the LAI logo.

This is another example on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cabinet.

This plate is attached to the back of an Australian super sprint cabinet. The rest of the cabinet is identical to its oversees version.

These marquee's are made for Leisure and Allied Industries they are of mixed quality. I think imported marquee's are generally more pleasing to the eye.

Leisure Allied produced a monthly magazine it covered new games and interviewed players in the industry here is an example of a front cover.