Australian talk show radio super star John Laws has reined supreme in the radio ratings since time memorial. John and his budy Alan Jones were exposed in the late 90's in what became known as the 'cash for comments' scandal. John was accused of providing positive content for company's in his highly acclaimed editorial comments, if they showed him a bit of cashola. The majority of Australians are lemmings and continue to flock around John and his 'words of wisdom'.

John promoted the 'Commodore 64' in the 80's. Here is a picture of John on the front of a c-64 box. Unfortunately the artist did not quite capture the essence of John and has come up with something that looks like a combination of John and 'Roy Scheider'. I don't know if this was an accident or intentional.

With your commodore card you will be able to obtain all your computer requirements from any specialist commodore outlet throughout Australia and at every store you will be recognised as a Commodore V.I.P customer. That was a quote from the commodore credit card pamphlet and at first glance the card sounds like a great idea. However there was scant detail on what sort of money card holders have to fork out if they fail to pay before a due date. John threw his weight behind the Commodore card concept see picture below.

John helped out with the Amiga also here is a booklet that was used alongside instructional tapes that helped people learn how to use Amiga dos. Unfortunately John's photo only features on the front of the booklet. He did not take any part in the instructional tapes.

The following exert is fictitious I can only assume that John lost his voice on the day that commodore required him to do the audio for the tape. I rang John and suggested to him that "Oral hygiene is very important and especially important for some one who works on radio". I also suggested that he "mind where he puts his mouth". John retorted that "He could put his mouth in, on and or over any thing he desired" and then abruptly finished the conversation.