Remember that there are 16 levels in groups of 4 the 4 groups are caves A E I and M the first level of each of the groups can be played by keying F1 at the title page on the key board then pressing right on the joystick to select a cave letter.


LEVEL 1 Is very easy and it lets the player get aquatinted with the games controls

LEVEL 2 Is also easy to complete make sure you stay away from the flashing square monster you don't have to kill it to complete the level so just avoid letting it out.

LEVEL 3 In this level there are a lot of boulders so be aware. Always gather the two diamonds pictured below last. Complete the bottom left of the play area first then the bottom half travelling towards the right bottom corner then head towards the top right corner of the play area and travel back towards the top left corner where you will find the two diamonds that I said to leave until last. when you reach them dig a little whole under the boulder before you stand under it then let it fall as seen in pictures. If you do not you can get trapped while gathering the last diamond. The door to the next level is located in the bottom right of the play area


**note in the 2nd picture the diamond that will drop down after dislodging the boulder in picture 1 can easily be gathered. Make sure the hole that you dig is similar so as not to trap the diamond under a rock.

LEVEL 4 Move rockford just under the butterflies as seen in picture then use your fire button and push up to let the butterflies out, try to pick out a rock to drop on the butterfly before you release it and only release one at a time if you miss with the first rock keep moving and quickly find another. In the picture I have put pointers towards the rocks I use to drop on the first two butterflies.

**note the longer the vertical hole you dig under a rock before dropping it on an enemy the easier it is to time correctly.

BONUS LEVEL To gain an extra life let the boulder drop just after the butterfly reaches the corner of the screen pictured below.


LEVEL 1 You must gather the diamonds from the square badies holes move from the top left hole towards the top right stealing diamonds as you go with a little practice you will work out how to time it correctly. Try to use a repeating path that is illustrated in the photo below. Don't backtrack into the path that you have already dug it may allow the square baddies to catch up with you.


LEVEL 2 Use the pictures as a guide

1 2 3


LEVEL 3 You must trap the green lava using rockford and a heap of boulders there is an example of how to do this in the picture below. The lava does not kill you so don't panic. Form a wall of rocks around the lava and use rockford to complete the lava entrapment. Just weight until the lava has no space to grow any more that is when it will turn into diamonds. Collecting the diamonds can be tricky just try to plan a path before you move into them. Do not be greedy trying to use all of the boulders to trap the lava go directly towards the lava when you start the level and use the boulders that are close to it.

LEVEL 4 kill the square baddie drop a boulder on it just follow the arrows on picture 1 you then have to dig under the wall in picture 2 then go above this wall and when you drop boulders on it they will change into diamonds.